Because my dad was in the Army, I moved around a lot: every 1-2 years. It was often difficult having to leave those I’d become close to; nevertheless, even through the heartache, goodbyes became like second nature. What I loved about moving around was the constant adventure–I enjoyed the journey, the struggle, and never knowing what was just around the corner. Neighbors became like family, teachers were an entire support system for many, and living on base felt akin to living in an alternate reality. It seems like there’s an entire sub-culture of Military Brats and you just have to have been one to understand the intricacies of what that kind of life is like. I feel extremely proud, and grateful, of where I come from and of the men and women who have shaped me over my life.

A little more about myself: I work as a Financial Analyst at Boeing. I love languages and cultures– a passion that stems from living in Germany and exploring Europe at a young age (we moved there on my 5th birthday….I never did end up getting that cake). Germany was the longest place I’d ever lived as a child (3 whole years!). I’ve lived in Alabama now for 7 years, which just blows my mind…

I also love to sing and sang in three different choirs as an undergrad. I sing karaoke as a hobby–actually, my whole family does. My dad bought a karaoke system and keeps it set up at all times in their living room. My sisters (I have two) and I will start random karaoke parties whenever we’re all visiting at the same time. That’s the three of us in the photo above.

Personality-wise, I’m an INFJ. Though I don’t think anyone should ever take this kind of test as a concrete description of who they are, I do still find these tests fascinating. A link to the Myers-Briggs test is listed below. What’s your result? (I guess this could now qualify as a BLEG lol).


16personalities Test

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

― George Bernard Shaw